Harvard was planning to let New Republic editor Marty Peretz speak at an upcoming 50th anniversary event for some social studies program. But then Peretz wrote racist nonsense on his blog, again! Harvard kids protested, and now Peretz won't speak.

Although Peretz's "Muslim life is cheap" comments — which are pretty much par-for-the-course as far as his career in anti-Muslim babbling goes — may have cost him a speaking gig at this gala, he'll still be recognized there, and there will still be a new fund established in his name. Why would Harvard take such a half-measure? The Crimson reports:

The fund's proposed amount has increased from $500,000 to $650,000 in the last week due to alumni contributions donated by those outside of Peretz's close circle. Some Social Studies professors are interpreting the increase as an indication of alumni support to honor Peretz at the anniversary, according to Simon L. Sternin '01, a Social Studies alum and an organizer of the petition.

So while the campus is up in arms over this honor for Peretz, the alums still love the guy, and are forking over donations. The administration at Harvard has responded by splitting the baby in half.

These Harvard people always get so worked up about everything.