Everybody's favorite NYC-centric sitcom for people under the age of 60 that can still handle a laugh-track is back! So far this season is focused on Marshall trying to get Lilly pregnant, a possible wedding, and hot and handsy lesbians.

Marshall told a few people at work he was trying to impregnate his wife, as this semi-epic flashback scene is an homage to a scene from The Warriors.

[There was a video here]

Aside from Lilly and Marshall's squabbling about having a kid, Ted did some moping and whining about yet another broad he isn't going to marry, while Barney kept calling dibs on the girl. After that Robin showed up at the bar after having become homely as the result of a breakup. She then went back to being insanely hot again.

Not wanting to be outdone, Rachel Bilson, star of The OC, started making out with a hot blond, and that was just the best.

[There was a video here]

But who is getting married? Here's hoping it's Barney and Robin, but it probably isn't, but WHO ELSE would make Ted their best man?