This is a historic night! Currently, #getsomejustin is a trending topic on Twitter: It's the first Twitter trend started by Justin Bieber fans with the express intent of tormenting Justin Bieber. The Bieberacolypse has begun.

The trend seems to have been sparked by a gallery of paparazzi photos posted on TMZ that shows Justin making out with some girl in the back of a car. Now, hundreds of thousands of jealous Beliebers are tweeting the #getsomejustin hashtag to poke fun at the 16-year-old's fired-up hormones. The trend seems to have been started by the users Bieberinmypants and SwagLikeBieber (combined followers = over 100k), who make it clear they want Justin to squirm.

(That tweet was directed at Chaz Somers, a childhood friend of Bieber's who has become a Twitter celebrity in his own right.)

And their message seems to have been heard. The uproar over the photos has prompted Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, to write an impassioned defense of Bieber on his own Twitter account:

The micro-gossip passed among his millions of Twitter followers is one of Bieber's greatest strengths as an artist, as each tweet builds buzz around his latest record release/tour/Silly Bandz/whatever. But there's a dark side to Bieber's social media juggernaut, as evidenced by Bieber's malicious tweeting of his enemy's phone number, and the Belieber Twitter mob that issued death threats against the girl who filmed herself tearing Justin Bieber posters on her wall.

Justin Bieber has created an insatiable hoard of Beliebers, guided by a 4chan-like mob mentality. And like all monsters, it's only a matter of time before it turns on its creator. Like, when he gets a girlfriend.

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