Jho Low is the big-spending nightclub "whale" who hangs with Paris Hilton. Now he's boasting to Malaysian media that he'll be bringing Hollywood to the Southeast Asian country. Page Six is going to need a foreign correspondent!

Taek Jho Low, the 28-year-old investor who is rumored to have paid Paris Hilton $1 million to hang with him in St. Tropez, tells the Malaysian Star that he would be bringing a mysterious "Hollywood celebrity friend to Malaysia next month".

"Not Paris Hilton. It's a male. You will know when he is here," he said in an interview.

Ooooh who's it gonna be? Brad Pitt!? George Clooney!? If it's some has-been like Pierce Brosnan there are going to be riots in the streets of Kuala lumpur.

Jho Low also hinted that a "major Hollywood movie" would be filmed in Malaysia in the next year, and "celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Bruce Willis are also looking to come here to promote the country as a choice tourist destination." Jho Low is like the Johnny Appleseed of celebrities: he travels the world, planting the seeds of annoying exclusive New York clubs wherever he goes. [The Star]

[Pic of Jho Low with Usher by Getty]