Look, we're all post-racial liberal elites here who love us some New Yorker cartoons. But we can't help but think this week's winner of the cartoon caption contest is a bit offensive.

Seriously, New Yorker cartoon editors? You chose this as a finalist? And seriously, New Yorker readers? You voted for it?

Here are a few other hilarious captions we imagine must have almost made the cut:

  • Uh oh, Gov. Paterson is trying to tax their cigarettes again!
  • Quick, have the federal government wage a decades-long campaign of genocide and displacement against them!
  • Dang redskins tryin' to steal my Blackberry!

Since when did Carlos Mencia start judging the New Yorker cartoon contest?

Update: Oh, also we should add that, as it's the New Yorker, this cartoon is probably meant to be an ironic commentary on the half-hearted reparations Indians have received in the form of the semi-autonomy which allows them to build casinos on their land, or something. But still—it's just dumb.