The highlight of this year's Values Voters Summit was probably the screening of an important straight-to-DVD film, Christmas with a Capital C, starring Daniel Baldwin. You must watch the trailer, below. It's about liberals and their annual routine: destroying Christmas.

The atheists and liberals have been trying to destroy Christmas and Jesus for many years, according to the profitable misinformation-exploitation industry. They don't like religious symbols in public places, and will stop at nothing to have them eliminated. This is called the War on Christmas. Last year, Fox News waited until October 29 to declare that the first shots had been fired. But we all know how these things start earlier every year! So right now Gawker declares the War on Christmas 2k10 to be on, in a big way, with the screening of this hilarious-looking Daniel Baldwin DVD:

"Christmas with a Capital C" was filmed in Seward the last of February and early March. The movie stars Daniel Baldwin (the second-oldest of the Baldwin brothers) and Ted McGinley (from "Married ... with Children), plus a slew of Seward extras, including high school students, stay-at-home moms and guys standing in the cold rain for hours without a jacket. The straight-to-DVD movie centers around two high school rivals - Baldwin and McGinley - at odds over a Nativity scene in a city building. Baldwin plays the antagonist, or the Grinch, who experiences an eventual change of heart. "This is a feel-good movie, with a lot of conflict and the theme of the Grinch finally coming home," said Anchorage-based executive producer David Cuddy. "The final scene is like 'It's a Wonderful Life,' where his character melts and becomes a good guy."

Eh, we'll wait for this one to come out on DVD. Oh, right, that's exactly what it's doing.

[via The Daily What]