Poor St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which sat right down by the World Trade Center, was destroyed on 9/11. It still hasn't been rebuilt. You know whose fault that is? That's right: hateful Muslins and their Muslin-loving supporters.

Andrea Peyser, tabloid cat sexpert, also enjoys stoking anti-Muslim outrage in her spare time. In today's column, she explains how the (couple blocks away from ) Ground Zero (cultural center and) Mosque basically killed this poor innocent church—sadly, "no one has raised a voice to defend the tiny house of worship's right to exist." Except, you know, Mayor Bloomberg, among others. Anyhow:

For generations, people of all faiths stopped in to pray. And, unlike the Ground Zero mosque, whose spiritual leader says separate prayer spaces will divide worshippers of various faiths, the pews at St. Nick were never segregated...

"It's outrageous that the politicians are falling all over themselves to say the mosque has a right to be built there, and none of them, with the exception of former Gov. [George] Pataki, has come out in support of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church being allowed to be rebuilt in its legal and rightful place," said Nicholas Karcostas, who now prays in New Jersey.

That's right: all religions were welcome to come enjoy the Greek Orthodox services of this Greek Orthodox church. (Andrea, you can go pray at a mosque, too! Just don't dress too provocatively). When will all of America's politicians, who spend all their time boldly declaring their support for this mosque's right to exist (assuming they are Mike Bloomberg), take a minute to declare their support for the right of this Greek church to exist, like Mike Bloomberg did?

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