Lindsay Lohan admits she failed a drug test; now she faces jail! Russell Brand placed under citizen's arrest for paparazzi beatdown. Did Elle whiten Gabourey Sidibe's face? Paris Hilton's plea deal. Saturday Gossip Roundup is not eating brunch.

  • TMZ broke the story yesterday that Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine, and failed more than one drug test. She could face 30 more days in jail for violating the terms of her probation. On Twitter she confirmed this report last night: "Regrettably, I did in fact fail my most recent drug test and if I am asked I am prepared to appear before judge Fox next week as a result." She added "I am a work in progress, just as anyone else." Maybe she can host SNL from prison? [TMZ, Lindsay Lohan's Twitter]
  • Russell Brand is in trouble for attacking a paparazzi! He was arrested at LAX after hitting and shoving a photographer who was taking pictures of Katy Perry. Here's the thing: It was a citizen's arrest. What? Do those things even exist? Are we in a comedy sketch right now? Anyway, Brand posted the $20,000 bail and now faces misdemeanor battery charges. And Katy defended her fiance on Twitter "If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me." We would shove any number of paparazzi out of Katy Perry's way. Love her. [TMZ]
  • Jersey Shore's JWoww is going to appear in Playboy. I don't know. Who strips in Playboy these days? You may as well carve a nude picture of yourself into a rock on some deserted island or star in a scandalous radio drama. It's sex tape or nothing. [E!]
  • Breaking: Howard Stern is sex-crazy. His wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern says "Howard helps me pick out my outfits. But he always likes short and tight—I like to wear things a little more classy."
  • There is apparently some controversy over Gabourey Sidibe's Elle: Some say Elle lightened her skin! Guess no one cares about the fact that they also photoshopped an arm coming out of her face. [Radar]
  • Paris Hilton has accepted a plea deal in her cocaine charges to avoid ending up like Lindsay Lohan (or herself, a few years ago.) She has to complete a drug abuse program, pay $2,000 and do 200 hours of community service. So, look for a reality show where Paris Hilton shovels dead leaves at the park. [E!]
  • Kid Rock was fined $6,000 for his infamous Georgia Waffle House beatdown. [Popeater]

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