Jacob Isom's dream has come true. The rattail-coiffed hero who snatched a kerosene-soaked Koran from wannabe burners is featured prominently on the website of his favorite magazine, High Times, today. His message: "Burn Buds, Not Books."

The morning after Jacob told us about his dream to appear in stoner bible High Times, the kings of cannabis called Jacob and sent him a glorious spread of High Times merchandise. The above picture shows him posing with his bounty at his favorite Amarillo, Texas head shop. High Times recounts Jacob's harrowing story:

Isom waited until Grisham had turned his back to argue with another protestor, then grabbed the Quran and skateboarded away, ultimately delivering it to Dennis Cobbins, an imam at the Islamic Center of Amarillo.

"When I came back to the protest," he says, "they were all treating me like a hero. People were handing me their babies to hold, when usually they pull them away."

Jacob will also be featured again in an upcoming issue of their magazine. My source at High Times wouldn't reveal the exact nature of the forthcoming print feature, but said it would be "something good." [High Times]