A trick for aspiring writers: want to get an approving Sarah Palin blurb on your book's cover, a surefire way to move copies? Then title your book The Persecution of Sarah Palin, as the Weekly Standard's Palin-worshiping Matt Continetti has.

Everyone's favorite Bill Kristol-edited neocon pamphlet, the Weekly Standard, has breathlessly informed the world today that somehow, they got Sarah Palin to say something nice about their writer's book-length sympathetic, victimizing portrayal of Sarah Palin!

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained an advance copy of the new paperback edition of The Persecution of Sarah Palin by (THE WEEKLY STANDARD's) Matthew Continetti. As you can see on the cover, the book carries with it the official endorsement of none other than Sarah Palin herself. "Matthew Continetti rips the lid off the lamestream media in this must-read book," says Palin. "These truthful accounts of media bias shed light on what's wrong with the information flow today," the Palin blurb continues on the back cover.

You can hear the Weekly Standard office's giggling from miles away, seriously.

If you want to know what Continetti's book is probably like, consider reading this classic review of Going Rogue he wrote for the Washington Post. It's gross. He basically wants to marry her.