Christine O'Donnell—Delaware's anti-masturbation candidate for Senate who opposes anything that "legitimizes the homosexual lifestyle"—has a gay sister. And her gay sister has a Facebook profile where she calls herself a Democrat and says Christine isn't a homophobe.

Jennie O'Donnell is a "spiritual psychologist, actor, meditation teacher" living in West Hollywood. She is "in a relationship" and directs feminist theater productions. Here's what her Facebook page looks like. (Click to enlarge.)

Christine O'Donnell opposes gay marriage and extramarital sex. She gay-baited primary opponent Mike Castle. She has issued statements opposing that which "legitimizes a homosexual lifestyle." She worked with people who "cure" gays. She once said a gay ambassador appointee had "ties to the pedophile-rights movement." (Lest there be any doubt: It was a complete fabrication.) But Jennie O'Donnell is adamant: Her sister is not a homophobe.

[Facebook via Mother Jones]

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