Nadya Suleman has finally run through her resources. Kim Kardashian takes legal action over a blow-up doll. Oksana Grigorieva may have tried to kill a porn star. Bob Barker collapses at a gun range. TGIFriday gossip.

  • Octomom Nadya Suleman is finally going on welfare, and I must admit, I'm actually impressed she lasted this long. Her reality show fizzled and the paparazzi aren't biting like they used to. Nobody wants to publish her book. Even the ad PETA put in her front yard reminding people to spay and neuter their pets is gone. So now, a "source close to" Nadya says, the fecund fameball is going on the public dole. I imagine she'll sell an interview about that experience, too, and then she'll shuffle off to toil in poverty, raising a small army of children who will grow up to resent her terribly. Good-bye, Octomom. It was sad knowing you. [Radar, TMZ, image via Bauer-Griffin]
  • Price Is Right host Bob Barker collapsed while shooting at a gun range yesterday. Turns out he was dehydrated and fainted, but it must be terrifying when a guy goes down in a gun range. [TMZ]
  • 40-Year-Old Virgin actor Shelley Malil has been found guilty of the attempted murder of his girlfriend. He stabbed her 20 times and said it was an accident. He'll be in jail for up to 21 years. [Popeater]
  • Jailbird rapper Foxy Brown gave an impromptu performance at a fashion week runway show. She "shooker her booty toward Vogue's Andre Leon Talley," who "turned his chair away" in disgust. [P6]
  • Everyone thinks the unnamed opiate involved in T.I.'s drug bust (which included cocaine possession, too) was sizzurp, that cough syrup cocktail rappers keep singing about. TMZ has pictures of styrofoam cups in T.I.'s car after the arrest, which is evidence either of sizzurp or a long night driving cross-country and drinking shitty gas station coffee. [TMZ]
  • Another day, another Jessica Simpson pregnancy rumor. Gaining weight in Hollywood must suck. [NatEnq]
  • Every time I think the Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva case can't get seedier, a porn star and her bodyguard come out of the woodwork saying Oksana (or a surrogate) tried to run them over with a car for refusing to fabricate evidence for her. Another bodyguard told some other publication that Oksana's going to get $200 million from Mel. Unless it was the same bodyguard? Since he's anonymous it's hard to say. Sometimes I think this whole story is just three people high on poppers, punching each other in the face and laughing maniacally for days on end. [THR, Radar]

Kim Kardashian hired LiLo lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley to halt the sale of "Kinky Kim," the sex doll who's "had more dark meat inside of her than a bucket of fried chicken" and is personified by a Kardashian doppelganger model. Kinky Kim's creators claim the resemblance is "purely coincidental." Right. [TMZ]

  • Lady Gaga says her new album is going to "change the world." Blah blah blah. [DigitalSpy]
  • And for his next trick, David Blaine will create human life. His French model fiancée is pregnant with their first child. [P6]