Jersey Shore's resident moneymaker, The Situation, put his iPhone app on the virtual shelves of the Apple App Store today. Just what can you expect from the king of GLT for $5 of your hard-earned money?

First of all, there is a GTL finder, so the phone will use your GPS location to find the nearest gyms, tanning salons, and laundromats/dry cleaners. No, seriously, that's really a feature. Once you're at the gym, it has a workout all planned out for you with photographic demonstrations by The Situation himself. While doing your cardio (how else are you gonna get a "Situation" going on in your midsection?) you can fiddle with the "Grenade Dodger" game or press the buttons on the sound board to hear The Situation's multiple catchphrases. And if you still have some extra time, you can even message The Situation himself. We have a feeling that you'll be answered by a robot that spits out something like, "Santa Clause is dead, dog," or "What can you say to someone who looks like Rambo, pretty much, with his shirt off."

Just be careful, there's some "mild profanity and crude humor." Then again, would The Situation even have a career without that?