The Way We Live Now: spacing out. Fly your pie in the sky if you so choose, sheeple—meanwhile, China grabs the money, Spain grabs the zombies, and the government grabs your home. But enjoy your space trip, sure.

Are you super happy about the exciting new space tourism opportunities offered by the Boeing corporation? Where in just a few short years you'll be able to take a trip to outer space, which probably won't blow up at all? Assuming you have $40 mil or so?

You should be excited. Yea, you should be. Because your prospects here on Earth are looking pretty bad. Unless you're China's Central Bank. Are you China's Central Bank? I didn't think so. You're more like the unloved and unwanted "Zombie" buildings that permeate the real estate market in Spain, in the sense that you have no soul, and it's quite unlikely you have a bright economic future. And you dine on brains. You might also be compared to the genius money market fund managers who are now, ironically, taking on more risk, largely because of regulations designed to prevent risk in the wake of the 2008 money market crisis, because you, too, are buffeted by financial forces beyond your control, and also you're not the type of person I'd like to be managing my money.

Is that harsh? Why not simply compare yourself to a home, then? A nice, warm comfortable home. Because you, too, are being seized in record numbers, for delinquency.

Go spaceward, young man. This world is not for you.