New York Fashion Week is just a boring party for gays—until New York's greatest tabloid sex teacher, Andrea Peyser, shows up! Then, Fashion Week transforms into one big orgy, the quality of which Andrea will opine upon.

In her column today, Andrea tells the tale of her time at Fashion Week, "trying to get used to seeing men kiss each other on the lips." Fortunately for Andrea, there were some ladies present at the Badgley Mischka show who were willing to express themselves in a manner more to her liking.

"I love it!" shrieks one. "Oh. My. God!" pants another. "Ooooooh!" cries a third, in orgiastic spasms I'm sure her husband has not encountered in 20 years.

If there is one thing Andrea Peyser knows, it is the quality and volume of this particular woman's orgiastic spasms. Special bonus for all you longtime readers: At the end of her column, Andrea advises a woman who got ripped off by an online dating scam: "Better yet, adopt a cat, Thea. It's safer." Shout out to you too, Andrea!