Can you spot the difference between these photos of world leaders at the Middle East peace talks? That's right! One was photoshopped by Egypt's state-run newspaper to put Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in front of the group instead of behind.

The photo was edited by Al-Ahram and run atop an article called "The Way to Sharm el-Sheikh." Opposition groups have criticized the manipulation, which was quickly replaced online with a photo of "the assembled leaders seated on chairs in the Red Sea resort."

But we don't really blame Al-Ahram. In the undoctored Getty photo (bottom), Mubarak is sort of trailing behind and to the left the big group of Middle East power players. But in the changed photo (top), he's right there in front, leading Obama and the rest of the gang to peace and prosperity. Sure, he looks like a smirking, off-balance drunk. But he looks like a drunk who's in charge.

[BBC; Daily Mail; pic via Getty]