Democrats are feeling optimistic! Since Republicans have nominated a joke Senate candidate in Delaware, Democrats now will win one midterm election, instead of zero. And to capitalize on this momentum, the Democratic party released a new logo and slogan today!

There it is up top, the DNC's new logo: the little sky-blue "D" surrounded by a darker sky-blue circle! It looks much like the sort of logo you'd find on baby boys' sneakers. Hear that Democrats? Make little baby shoes with that shit and sell it to partisan moms at like $500 per pair, and you'll be all set with your fundraising efforts this fall.

It also seems to draw inspiration from the colorful little badges that are all the rage with kids who use "social media services" like Foursquare. Take, for example, this recently unveiled "Get Yourself Tested" for STDs badge, which MTV's using to promote safe sex:

The Democrats also revealed their new slogan: "Change that matters." Okay! Isn't the current "change" party in this cycle the Republicans, though? Since they're out of power? But this is nitpicky. Nice slogan? It's fine, sure.

[via Ben Smith]