The Chicago Tribune has just released 50 never-before-seen photos of many of today's top actors back when they were struggling comedians at Second City. Try to see how many actors you can guess without cheating inside!

To see all 50 of the "antique" Second City images, head over to the Chicago Tribune.

John Belushi, 1971

John Candy and Bill Murray, 1973

Dan Aykroyd, 1973

Eugene Levy and Gilda Radner, 1973

Dan Castellaneta, 1984

Colin Mochrie, 1988

Steve Carell, 1989

Chris Farley, 1989

Amy Sedaris, 1990

Nia Vardalos, 1991

Scott Adsit, 1992

Stephen Colbert, 1996

Rachel Dratch and Tina Gey, 1995