Today we scratched our heads and wondered where the Obama school speech outrage is this year. You commenters were helpful and provided some rage and confusion for us, just so we didn't feel so disappointed.

From The Curse of Millhaven:

A: All those who hunt and oppose the Colonial Fleet are Cylons.

B: Barak Obama is the very model of an anticolonial figure.

C: Barak Obama is a Cylon!

On the bright side, this has all happened before.

From ChestRockwell18:

Barry O'Muslim better not never tell my crotch fruit to work hard. Thats what the terrowrists want! Goddamn Canyawn.

From J.L. White:

Presidential indoctrination is no lie! I watched an address by George H.W. Bush as a kid, and I was brainwashed into throwing up on some Japanese guy's lap.

From flossy:

"Allahu Akbar, kids!"

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