The liberal watchdogs at Media Matters have gotten Fox News to air a commercial about News Corporation — Fox News' parent company — donating $1 million to the Republican Governors Association recently. But they'll only air it once, got it?

News Corp. has never given such a large donation to a political group of this nature — a "527" tax-exempt political organization, which can take in unlimited funds. Liberals at Media Matters made a big stink about this when it was revealed a month ago, so Fox News has responded by letting them air one damn 30-second commercial and then enough.

Fox executives only agreed, however, after Media Matters let them "tweak" certain parts of the ad — like eliminating a part that says Fox News was "refusing" to disclose this donation with viewers. Fox News has never refused anything, ever.

The final product, after Fox's "tweaks," is shown above. There's something a bit off with it, no? The patriotic music and the American flag backed by a monotone narrator explaining — by quoting News Corp's own VP — that Fox News is donating historically large sums to the Republican party gives it a twist of irony, that will mostly just confuse Bill O'Reilly's viewers tonight, when it's airing. And then it will never air again! And then we'll forget about it.