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A student wearing a bullet-proof vest cut the throat of a dean at Kansas City's Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley today, before a press conference where Missouri's governor was expected to speak only minutes later. The dean is still alive.

While it's never easy to predict when a student is going to slash someone's throat before a gubernatorial press conference, it is clear that the student had been "acting crazy" beforehand:

Before the attack, the suspect had walked into a room where the press conference was to be held "acting crazy," one witness said. He briefly grabbed the microphone and said "Check, check, check" and "Can you hear me?" before leaving and walking across the hall into a second-floor computer lab. As he came out of the lab, he cut the throat of the dean, who apparently had told the man he couldn't have a knife on campus.

The suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs, police said.

[Video via Kansas City Star]