Last September, Barack Obama addressed the nation's schoolchildren to start the new academic year, and conservatives went insane. Many parents worried that Obama would "indoctrinate" their children with Marxism. So where's the angry chorus for this year's same speech?

The very thought, in 2009, of the Kenyan President Obama telling American schoolchildren to "work hard" in "classes" insulted a broad swath of GOP players — Rush Limbaugh to Glenn Beck to supposedly normal governors considering presidential runs in 2012. Parents nationwide threatened to take their kids out of class, and a few of them even did, to no one's dismay.

Then Obama delivered his speech to schoolchildren — including the controversial "work hard" language — and people forgot about the controversy because there was no basis for it, ever. (Maybe a couple of kids were even inspired by the speech, and in thirty years will invent an outer space bumper car rink or whatever that saves the already-dead economy.)

The same characters must've been too distracted by 9/11 Mosques this year to lose their minds over the same speech, which Obama will deliver today in Philadelphia. Which is a shame! Now we'll have another year of a newly indoctrinated Marxist schoolchildren, because Rush Limbaugh was trying to focus on more important things.

[Image via AP]