"Her bodice looks like the outside of the rib. Over the shoulder looks like it does come from a shoulder. There are no expensive cuts here, no real steaks. The best you've got is the flank steak on her head."

After PETA protested Lady Gaga's meat dress yesterday, you've probably been asking yourself, But when will we hear the critical opinion of butchers on this issue? Lucky you, The New York Daily News interviewed two butchers about the meat dress. They agree that Lady Gaga's beef curtains are cheap: "It's the cheaper end cuts—not including her. You got about $100 of meat there." The guy who made the dress got the stinking meat (literally stinking, the butchers guess) from his family butcher.

Next up in the Lady Gaga meat marketplace of ideas: Raw foodists praise sensitivity, fabric industry protests snub, Kosher lobby questions presence of dairy, hamburger lobby offers meat grinder. [NYDN, image via Getty]