They've barely said, "Let's do it," since saying, "I do." This tween star has a yen for charity work, and this television cast can't get along. The only thing that would make their relationship worse is getting married!

1. "Which Reality TV couple who have been married at least a year, have only slept together around 5 times since saying "I do?" Apparently, things are not all they are cracked up to be for this married couple, in spite of reports to the contrary." [BuzzFoto]

2. "Until last year, the cast of this show always got along with each other. Then one cast member demanded an outrageous pay raise completely out of line with the rest of the cast. Tensions started simmering on set between the prima donna and her co-stars. Lots of nasty looks and snippy comments were exchanged. The boiling point was finally reached when our bratty star used her character to promote an organization with which she is associated. After that, to avoid the wrath of her co-stars, she started setting her own schedule to avoid working with the rest of the cast whenever possible. Since they don't want to lose her, the producers have pretty much completely acquiesced to her demands." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This just about A list female tweener turned up almost unannounced at a children's hospital this weekend. There was no press and no announcement and no hooplah. Our tweener was there to see the kids. The kids, many of whom are so sick they lack much energy at all, completely lit up when they saw her. She spent 5-15 minutes with each of them, talking and hugging, etc. In the past, other celebrities who have gone to this particular hospital have been afraid to touch the kids, but not our tweener." [CDaN]

4. "Which stroppy star threw a wobbly at photographers after they heckled her diva-like behaviour when she refused to pose for them? She stamped her foot and screamed: "Stop booing me, you twits!" Boo... [UK Mirror]