Snooki sings a requiem for her coiffure of yore. Penelope Cruz confirms her pregnancy. Montana Fishburne is going to rehab. Chelsea Clinton averts her eyes from her husband. Come revel in the delights of Tuesday gossip.

  • Without her pouf, is Snooki still Snooki? "It's definitely a new look," she explains, "but I think it's a good look that suits me. I want to look more mature. The pouf—I've been wearing it since I was 16, so why not switch it up?" After getting her new, non-pouf hairdo done (apparently long bangs preclude pouf?) she went out in public and—disaster!—not a single person recognized her. [People, image via Getty]
  • Meanwhile in the Jersey Shore-osphere, The Situation thinks he's too good for everyone now that he's on Dancing with the Stars, and his costars are retaliating. "Mike doesn't have any game. He thinks he does, but he doesn't," says Snooki. Is the bigger insult the thing about his "game," or refusing to use his nickname? [P6, People]
  • Penelope Cruz has finally confirmed her long-rumored pregnancy. Mrs. Javier Bardem is four and a half months along. Mazel tov! [ET]
  • As she awaits trial for beating up her boyfriend's ex, porn star and famous man's daughter Montana Fishburne is checking into some kind of inpatient rehab program "to get my mind right." Hmm. [TMZ]
  • Sofia Vergara is "grateful" for her 34DD breasts. "Honestly, they've helped me a lot in my career." She's also a natural blonde, but says a voluptuous blonde with a Latin accent was confusing for casting directors, so she went brunette and everything clicked. [Popeater]
  • Speaking of hotties, Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco fell off a horse and broke "one of her really hot legs." If the leg isn't still hot when it heals, she'll get sent to the glue factory. [TMZ]
  • Speaking of horses, Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple loves horses but Gwyn hates them, so horse enthusiast Stella McCartney has taken carge of the six-year-old's equestrian career. The very rich, they are not like you and me: They always know somebody who knows about horses. [DailyMail]

Someone made a Kim Kardashian blowup doll. Do people actually buy these in earnest, or are they generally elaborate gag gifts? [Radar, image via]

  • "Is the honeymoon over? Chelsea Clinton and new husband look glumasthey return to normal life." Or maybe they're just sick of getting photographed everytime they go to Starbucks. [DailyMail]
  • Britney Spears' next album "could get a little freaky." Isn't "get a little freaky" already a lyric in one of her songs? [E!]
  • "Word champion boxer caught on camera snorting line after line of illegal drug." His name is Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton, he's a welterweight, and he carries his cocaine in his shoe. [NOTW]
  • Brian Austin Green on why the new 90210 sucks: "90210 only worked because of that time period-because the world didn't have access to a lifestyle like that. The Internet wasn't what it is now. With TMZ and Paris Hilton wrecking cars and people being chased on freeways, there's nothing interesting about Beverly Hills." A show called The Hills begs to differ. [Details]
  • Brian's wife Megan Fox ("absolutely my better half in parenting") teared up answering an ET Canada question about how much she loves him: "You just made me cry. You are like the Barbara Walters of ET Canada." That reporter is getting a raise this year. But is this the real Megan, or another adroit manipulation of her house of mirrors self-manufacture? [Details, P6]

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