Meet Staci Child, the stepdaughter of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She just starred in a sexy photo shoot for "lad mag" Zoo wearing an Australian flag bikini, and waving the Australian flag. Want to see some photos?

Child, who lives in New York, is the adult daughter of Gillard's partner (you know... sexually), Tim Mathieson. Gillard hasn't commented on the photos yet—as of the writing of this post, she had literally just been sworn into office as Prime Minister after a hard-fought election battle—but Child sure is optimistic that she'll like it: "I think Julia will think it's a very Australian thing to do." Ha, well, you might be right, Staci. (Gillard was asked during the campaign if she would pose topless for Zoo. She said no.)

Child, like her dad, is a hairdresser "to celebrities including Lady Gaga and Paula Abdul," according to the Sydney Morning Herald, and was mostly raised by her mother, though she says she speaks to her father frequently (apparently he "loved" the photos).

And, just to show you that even with their unmarried atheist female leaders, Australia isn't all that different from the U.S.: People are already complaining about the "inappropriate" use of the Australian flag, which appears as both a bikini, and as an actual flag, in case you don't quite get it, that she is the Prime Minister's daughter. We think Australians for Constitutional Monarchy spokesman David Flint had the best reaction:

"It may be somewhat undignified and not what you would have done but then again you've got to allow young people a certain degree of liberty in these sort of things," he said.

"Apart from questions of good taste or not, that's not the issue. The issue is that she obviously likes the flag and that's a good thing."

Here are some of Zoo's photos: