What would you do if you were fired from Domino's Pizza? Would you dress up in your old uniform and claim to be from a "secret Domino's unit"? Would you torch two stores? That's what Jamal Thomas allegedly did.

Thomas, 24, was fired from Domino's earlier this year after getting into a fight outside the store where he worked in the Bronx. It wasn't the fight that got him fired, though! No, it was the fact that he left the store unlocked while employees were inside counting money, which is a "violation" of Domino's "security protocol."

So, according to the FDNY, Thomas decided to enact an elaborate, and maybe not particularly logical revenge. First, he began dressing up in his old uniform and visiting other stores, saying he was from a "secret Domino's unit that measured employee satisfaction." (Ha, ha, as though Domino's gives a shit about employee satisfaction.) Then, he broke into two different Bronx locations—on August 22 and September 5—and set fires using "easily combustible items" like pizza boxes.

Domino's has been having some trouble with its employees recently, hasn't it? Remember these hilarious pranksters, who made a video of themselves putting boogers on garlic bread and were fired?

I'd say they were putting something in the pizza, but they came out with a brand-new recipe earlier this year. (It wasn't very good.) Maybe they're putting something in the Cinna Stix?