"One good tactic for speeding up a deal is to show lack of interest in it," writes Donald Trump in Trump: How to Get Rich. Trump ignored our offer Friday to buy his silence. The appropriate response? Press ahead, clearly.

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After publicly offering $6 million to buy the site of the proposed "Ground Zero Mosque" last week, Donald spent his weekend talking to the Today Show, Morning Joe, and Anderson Cooper about how there would be "riots in the streets" if his offer is turned down. As Donald explained on The Morning Joe on Saturday, he's a pragmatist using the only language he knows—the language of money—to help end a "highly divisive situation." (That his rabblerousing offer happens to coincide with the run-up to season 10 of The Apprentice is pure coincidence, you see.)

So, using the language of money, we are now redoubling our efforts to end the highly annoying situation of Donald Trump's nonstop attention-seeking. To Gawker's initial $10,000 bid for 30 days of Trump silence, we add personal contributions from other interested parties, our dear readers and Gawker Media employees:

We just faxed our new offer to Donald Trump's offer, and anxiously await his response.


We Will Pay Donald Trump to Shut Up

[At right is the letter that we faxed to Donald's office last Friday; on the left is Trump's letter from last Thursday]