Today at Gawker.TV, Tim Gunn is convinced that his father had an affair with J. Edgar Hoover, Danielle Staub parodies herself on The Dish, and Donald Trump spews his opinions on the Ground Zero Mosque during an Apprentice interview.

Danielle Staub Now Apparently In On The Joke, Parodies Herself on The Dish
Now that Danielle Staub, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, has been fired from quit the show, many of us are left wondering what's next for the troubled woman. Never fear—she's got a new TV show planned.

Robert Rodriguez Pops In on The Soup
The Soup broadcast from Texas on Friday and Robert Rodriguez acted as the "guest director" of the show for an episode. He talked Machete, watched an Indian action flim, and offered Joel McHale a role in his sequel "Toenail Clippers."

Tim Gunn Believes His Father Was J. Edgar Hoover's Secret Gay Lover
Inside Edition explored Tim Gunn's theory that his father was J. Edgar Hoover's secret lover. Gunn admits he has no proof but does recount a creepy story about how an eight-year-old Gunn caught Hoover cross-dressing as I Love Lucy's Ethel.

Donald Trump Still Won't Shut Up About the Ground Zero Mosque During Apprentice Preview
Donald Trump appeared alongside Mark Burnett on the Today Show to talk about the upcoming season of The Apprentice—but not without sharing his opinions on the Ground Zero Mosque first! According to The Donald, the Mosque won't ever be built.

Jersey Shore's New Cast Member Deena Graces the VMA Red Carpet
A fairly subdued (compared to her now-defunct Myspace profile) Deena Nicole walked the VMA red carpet last night. Inside, she gives a diplomatic answer to the Ronnie and Sammie two-state solution and defends Snooki's honor.