The GOP is getting tired of these Tea Party candidates putting their expected Senate pick-ups in jeopardy. Christine O'Donnell, a weird anti-masturbation lady running for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware, is the latest example. The party wants her gone.

Christine O'Donnell is not a political nobody. In fact, she's been a Republican candidate for Senate before — in 2008, when she ran and lost to Joe Biden, who kept his name on the ballot just in case he lost the vice presidency.

Mostly, however, O'Donnell is an advocate for abstinence — and she is very clear that that includes masturbation, too. Here's a particularly hilarious example of her discussing abstinence:

The reason that you don't tell [people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS and all these other problems that come with sex outside of marriage is because again it is not addressing the issue. ... You're just gonna create somebody who is, I was gonna say, toying with his sexuality. Pardon the pun.

So obviously she masturbates every hour or so.

The GOP establishment, however, had hand-picked Mike Castle for this seat and expected to win. Castle is a popular former governor, and polls have shown him maintaining safe, double-digit leads against his likely Democratic challenger, Chris Coons.

But after the Tea Party knocked off Sen. Lisa Murkowski in her primary a few weeks ago, they turned their attention to Delaware, decided that Mike Castle was essentially a liberal socialist monster, and started propping up this O'Donnell lady who lost to Joe Biden's ghost in 2008.

Suddenly, O'Donnell's ahead in the latest poll, 47-44.

The GOP has about had it with this latest Tea Party hijacking. Even Dick Armey's FreedomWorks — corporate Tea Party HQ, essentially — won't back her. (Sarah Palin will though!)

And here's a letter from a "prominent Republican moneyman" that's going around, according to Politico's Ben Smith:


Look, I have as much enthusiasm as the next passionate conservative for the bright, principled, strong actual conservative over the hack, RINO, dead-wood occupier-of-the-seat (like Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, Linc Chaffee, others). BUT, it is not every Republican with a mixed record who needs to be "punished" by having a Dem win the seat, NOR every insurgent backed by Tea Party groups which deserves to be, or can aspire to be, in the seat instead.

In Delaware, Mike Castle is a decent guy who can retain the seat. He is no Linc Chaffee.

Christine O'Donnell is a horrifying candidate, will lose the seat, and it is a bad trade. The article below speaks for itself about who this woman is. If you are from Delaware, are a Republican, or know one, VOTE FOR CASTLE!

Stupid fucking democracy.

[Image via AP]

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