Here's a trailer for Hereafter, Clint Eastwood's supernatural sadness movie about Matt Damon the grieving, reluctant psychic and the various emotionally damaged characters he refuses to help (but, yeah, decides to help eventually). It looks... oddly compelling?

While the tsunami special effects look kinda cheesy and a bit death-porny (y'know, 250,000 did die, and not so you could have a cool moment for a movie) it is at least interesting that the mostly forgotten subject is being addressed in a significant way. And then to pile onto the newsy tragedy heap is, apparently, a storyline about the 2005 London subway bombings and, it seems, a dead twin brother. So it's lots of elegantly shot grief with a frosting of ghostly mystery. The cast is pretty interesting, though, and maybe there is indeed some good in trying to make a spiritually uplifting case for a disaster-plagued modern world.

Or maybe it's just cynical Oscar bait that's tricking us into wanting to see it with its lovable leading actor and soaring orchestral score. Plus: Jenifer Lewis! She's bait too. What do you think? Will you see this Sadfest 2010?