Well, Pastor Terry Jones officially called off his 'International Burn a Koran Day.' We haven't been happier to hear about something being canceled since Wild Hogs 2. But, still, Korans are being burned—on YouTube, and near Ground Zero.

After much would-he-or-wouldn't he speculation, Terry Jones appeared on the TODAY Show this morning to officially call off IBKD 2010: ""We will definitely not burn the Quran... not today, not ever." Jones feels that "God is telling us to stop." Jeeze, we know many people think highly of General Petraeus, but we've never heard anyone give him deity status.

But, as our own Jim Newell explained, The Koran-burning bug is out. People are still burning Korans! Which is totally unfair, because Terry Jones said it's off! We are not going to cover any secondary Koran-burnings, because we would much rather spend the day having conversations with people about where we were when the planes hit.

We're not going to cover the idiots who filmed themselves burning Korans and posted the videos to YouTube, including the one guy who used it to roast marshmallows and another who stuck bacon in the pages before setting it on fire. (YouTube is taking a case-by-case approach to removing videos of Korans being burned, which is another thing we're not covering.) Sorry, guys, YouTube is not an official IBKD 2010 venue: Some random parking lot in Florida is. (Or was, until it was called off.)

And in real life, too, people just can't help themselves from burning Korans, we hear, but are not going to report on, cause IBKD 2010 is canceled. Animal New York is reporting on the random dude who tore out pages of a Koran and burned them at the anti-Ground Zero Mosque protest. (We have posted video above, for you to ignore on your Koran-burning-free-day.) He was quickly escorted away by NYPD officers, but not before journalists mobbed him, because not everyone realizes, like we do, that IBKD is totally canceled and any Koran-burnings today have no more significance than any other instances of paper combusting, turning into smoke, and floating away. Right?

(If you were wondering, we were in gym class.)

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