Lindsay Lohan is red once again. Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars performance may suck. Britney Spears is not an abuser, says her former bodyguard! Lady Gaga: cheater. Saturday Gossip Roundup is a chunky heel in your back.

  • Praise the hair Gods. Lindsay Lohan is no longer a fake blonde! She went back to her red hair. Maybe she actually liked the fact that female prisoners called her 'fire crotch?' Either way, we were always wary of the blond look, so, welcome back, Lilo. [People]
  • Here's what Lilo looked like with blond hair:
  • Is Bristol Palin flaking out on Dancing with the Stars? Her partner, Mark Ballas, is reportedly upset that she hasn't been attending practices because she's so busy promoting abstinence and being modest. She canceled practice one day because she had to give a speech (probably about how if you have underaged sex a lion will come at night and eat your face off), and she canceled another day because her son was sick. Should be a good show. [TMZ]
  • Britney Spears was recently sued by her former body guard for allegedly flashing him and making unwanted sexual advances and weirdly abusing her kids in front of him. But now another ex-bodyguard says Britney is great! "In our time with Britney, we've never seen anything in a negative sense," said the bodyguard. That's because she didn't like you as much. [E!]
  • Turns out Lady Gaga may have had a fling with her former producer Rob Fusari while he was engaged. Then he sued her for $30.5 million because he said he came up with the name Gaga. This is the craziest thing Lady Gaga's done since she got dressed this morning. [Radar]
  • Fashion great Karl Lagerfeld is not gracious! 600 fashion people held a lunch in his honor, and what did he do? Too good for the food they were serving, he ordered takeout from Nobu, while everyone else—including Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart and Alan Cumming. This is a man who once said his sunglasses were like a burqa, though. So no surprise, really.[P6]
  • Foxy Brown is pissed that nobody is covering her trial for criminal content. "I gave you an extensive interview Tuesday and all I get is a little article?" she complained to Page Six. [P6]
  • Former Wonder Years star Danica McKellar just had a baby named Draco Verta. Did you know she's a mathematician now? I think I did a long time ago, and then forgot, and now just remembered again. This is one of those facts you do that with. [People]
  • Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was arrested in Las Vegas after his girlfriend claimed he had "attacked her and threatened to kill her." Innocent until proven either guilty or a boxer. Whoops! [TMZ]
  • Speaking of boxing. Michael Richards, or as the world will know him for ever until eternity, Kramer from Seinfeld, has been sued for beating up a paparazzi. [TMZ]

[Pics by INF and Getty]