Sheyla Hershey—recipient of the largest fake breasts in the world, size 38KKK—has finally had all four implants removed after they nearly killed her. Her natural breast tissue was so damaged, doctors had to remove most of that, too.

Sheyla invited a local news channel into the operating room as Texas surgeons removed the Brazil-bought implants (two per breast, culminating in a "KKK" or "M" cup) that posed a risk to her life if they remained in place. Numerous infections had so severely damaged Sheyla's breast tissue that surgeons had to remove almost all of it, leaving just enough to aid future reconstructive surgery. "I just want a normal size like a housewife has," Sheyla says.

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"I love to have huge breasts, I don't know why, I'm just addicted to it," Sheyla explained. [Fox Houston via The Frisky]

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