Well, sorta gritty. Feel good movie costarring Tim McGraw gritty, at least. Here's the trailer for Paltrow's sappy-lookin' country drama about a washed-up, rehab-sprung country singer (Jo Dee Messina?) trying to pick herself up and be rich and famous again.

She's joined in this Crazy Heart-lite by confirmed sexbomb Garrett Hedlund as a gruff singer with a heart worth meltin' and Leighton Meester as a ditzy up-and-comer who loves Gwyneth's character but also wants to unseat and probably murder her. And then there's Tim McGraw, who worked like a good luck charm for Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, playing the manager/lover (of Gwyneth, not Garrett, sigh). He gets a scene where he falls to the floor in sadness! Faith, yer boy's really actin' all fruity-like! Just like one'a them Hollywood queerdos. Good for him. Good for Garrett for being attractive. Good for Leighton for getting out of the Gossip Girl ghetto. And good for Gwyneth for... what? Grasping a vodka bottle unconvincingly? Singin' sweetly? Who knows. We'll find out in 2011.

[via Videogum]