Today we looked at a ridiculous study that declared Cambridge in England a better school than Harvard in the US. Bollocks! Utter bollocks. Or so we thought, until one commenter came and set us straight. Cambridge really is the best.

From mowgli:

For the record: of course Cambridge beats Harvard, hands down. What are ye: the Ivy League of copying things down really quickly and taking Ritalin?

During my time in the 'Bridge, we had dirt cheap rent, actual Victorian women who did our laundry for us for free (they lived in a windowless basement at the back of the college), two pastry chefs in the kitchen. And free port. Loads and loads of free port.

Arr, I miss privilege.

That sounds amazing! Except for the charming slaves part. Well, maybe that part too.

As a further knock against the ol' Crimson (in Cambridge!), we ran this photo of young Mark Zuckerberg at his Harvard "frat", leaving commenter MattGaymon to grumble:

I never thought I'd find it difficult to fantasize about frat sex. But that picture makes it difficult.

Guess you really do win, England.