When tabloid sex columnist Andrea Peyser is not being inappropriately sexual about adults, she's worrying about The Children. What's their future? Will they fall victim to gays? Will they tap that? Will they be denied their right to sexxxy time?

Today Andrea takes on the issue of Upper East Side parents who schedule all types of formal activities for their tiny kids in a ridiculous effort to get them into exclusive kindergartens etc, an issue that the rest of the professional complaining class have nearly exhausted our one-liners about. But Andrea spots an important new angle: with all of the karate and playdates and violin lessons you've scheduled for your preschooler (yes, remember, this is in the context of preschool), when will they have time to learn about sexxx, with other children?

What ever happened to hopscotch, bike-riding and sneaking a kiss behind the school?

Andrea Peyser: standing up for preschool sex, public opinion be damned. We salute your sexxxy bravery, Andrea.