Do you have a gap between your two front teeth? Don't be ashamed! In fact, you should run quickly to your nearest modeling agency! That's right: Gap teeth are totally fashionable, right now.

According to The Wall Street Journal (picking up on a trend that's been reported since at least early 2009), "one of the most coveted attributes" for models at New York fashion week was gap teeth. Lara Stone, the face of Calvin Klein, and the woman atop this very post, has gap teeth! As does Mick Jagger's model daughter Bianca! And some other models, like Jessica Hart, and Ashley Smith, whoever they are! And True Blood's Anna Paquin! And David Letterman!

Why is the gap-toothed look so popular? Well, really it's because the fashion industry's favorite thing to do is fuck with you, but the made-up reason this time around is "authenticity":

"It's a love for the imperfect, and the authentic," says Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine. "These are values that are more and more important for younger generations. Originality, authenticity…in a world that is more and more digitally enhanced."

Uh-huh. That quest for authenticity may explain why designer David Delfin artificially created a gap between his teeth:

Struggling with a sense of alienation following the death of his father in 2008, fashion designer David Delfin asked an orthodontist to insert a bracket to open a space between his two front teeth.

"It was a metaphor for the separation I was feeling," said Mr. Delfin, who called his spring 2009 collection "Diastema," the medical term for a space between two teeth, usually in front.

Don't fret too much if your front teeth touch, though! According to the Journal, "other distinguishing characteristics in demand this season include tattoos, piercings, scars and even albino coloring." If you have perfect teeth, flawless skin, and pigmented coloring, you will never get laid.

[WSJ; pic via Getty]