Today we headed over to the Fashion Week tents in Lincoln Center to check out the final collections by the 10 remaining contestants on Project Runway. What was good, what was bad, and what was the biggest surprise of all?

That Heidi Klum actually looked good! She took to the new tents in a coral jumpsuit that was smashingly flattering and she had her hair done up all nice and pretty. She was joined by judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia Fashion Director of Marie Claire Magazine (who is pregnant!) and guest judge Jessica Simpson. As we suspected would be the case, the audience was a little light on celebrities, but both Bob and Harvey Weinstein were there (they are executive producers, after all) along with musicians Jordin Sparks, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, and Omarion and fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Someone said tween blogger Tavi was in the audience, but I didn't see her.

After settling into my seat and examining the contents of the gift bag (nothing too exciting: some mascara, foundation, wrinkle cream, conditioner, a wireless mouse, a "This Bitch is Cooking" T-shirt, a copy of Tim Gunn's new book, an issue of Marie Claire magazine), the show started.

Here's what I thought of each one (in order of appearance).

Michael D
First Impressions: A bunch of deconstructed, unfinished-looking separates in drab colors like gold black, and gray. Lots of layers, and a pair of sequined biker shorts that would make you roll your eyes.
What Will Nina Say: "It's like an NYU student went to Forever 21 while she was in a bad mood."
Loved It or Hated It?: Hated.

First Impressions: A literal rainbow as a succession of structured dresses came out in variety of bright colors. All the girls were styled in cheap bob wigs and sunglasses, which weren't serving the well-tailed garments with their strange sillouettes and upside-down ruffles. Fun, well-made, and better for a runway than real life.
What Will Nina Say: "This is what Judy Jetson would wear to the beach."
Loved It or Hated It?: Loved.

First Impressions: The separates, many with prints, looked like Coach from far away, but Chico's up close. Lots of hoods, pants, hot pants, and jumpers. There was a silver column dress that ended the show that was a total knockout.
What Will Nina Say: "To me, this looks like someone who lives on the Upper East Side but can only afford to shop on Canal Street."
Loved It or Hated It?: Hated.

First Impressions: It's exactly what you expect from Casanova: tight, lots of skin, tons of bling, and over-embellished. It's like the worse cliches out of a Miami nightclub. He even smeared gold paint over the model's faces. There were some flowing, asymmetrical tops that were nice, but they were paired with tight shorts with vajazzled back pockets. The girls of Jersey Shore would have been crazy for it.
What Will Nina Say: "These models look like they were lying in a pool of Donatella Versace's vomit."
Loved It or Hated It?: Hated.

First Impressions: Was this her resort wear collection or something? Lots of floppy hats and white maxi dresses made for prissy ladies to go to the beach. Everything was a bit bland, but looked very expensive. Her final dress was layers of pleated ruffles in shades of gray and belongs on a red carpet.
What Will Nina Say: "I'm bored."
Loved It or Hated It?: Hmm...Loved?

Michael C
First Impressions: Oh my god, the horror! Just texture and jewels and horribleness everywhere. There were draped dresses in a bland champagne color, a bustier with bronze hot pants that not even Rhianna wouldn't wear, skirts made out of what seemed like Muppet fur, and several items with fringe. Fringe! God, everything was just so bordello!
What Will Nina Say: "You made this girl look like an embellished lampshade at The Box!"
Loved It or Hated It?: Hated!

First Impressions: Long print dresses and hot pants that look like panties. It was very strange proportionally. Every garment was either covering too much or showing skin in a weird way, like a midriff-baring shirt matched with flared pants. There was this weird alligator vest thing with nothing underneath, and a print dress that could double as burqa with a little assistance. But with their big hats and Farrah Fawcett hair, all the girls looked very hip and modern.
What Will Nina Say: "It looks like Williamsburg during brunch."
Loved It or Hated It?: Loved (ugh).

First Impressions: He said he wanted to have fun, and he certainly did. They looked a little bit like costumes from Ugly Betty with the mismatched patterns, bold prints, and crazy proportions, but it really was great. They girls all had crazy up-dos with things in them and they looked like Frida Kahlo grew up and become a club kid. There was a geometrical dress that was basically a pink, silver, pink, and green box with armholes in it that was sublime. Oh, and a giant T-shirt with a sequined skull that had a bow in her hair—a small tweak that took it from played to amazing.
What Will Nina Say: "This will sell well in Japan."
Loved It or Hated It?: Loved, loved, loved.

First Impressions: April said her collection was inspired by "dusty dolls going to a tea party and getting washed away," but it looked more like fashion flotsam. Everything was casual, deconstructed, and grimy looking. It wasn't hip or edgy, it was just dark and dour. There were garter straps hanging from a pair of shorts and from the sleeve of her final dress. If there was a verbal equivalent of just shaking one's head, I would write that right now.
What Will Nina Say: "Why are they all wearing Ace Bandages on their heads?"
Loved It or Hated It?: Hated.

First Impressions: Wow, what a surprise from Andy! He said it was supposed to be a dream, but it was a revelation. All the models were in shades of gray with pops of this chartreuse green color. There were ruffles and caftans and bikinis, but everything really gelled together. It was very ethereal, but not all flowing like Stevie Nicks, but rather in a very structured and well-tailored way. All the models had these weird metal halos that managed not to look cheesy, and his final short green dress was the most gorgeous pleated garment I've seen in a long time.
What Will Nina Say: "You made them look like glamorous rain clouds."
Loved It or Hated It?: Loved.