To prove something that you already know, two sociologists wrote a paper called "Demythologizing Consumption Practices: How Consumers Protect Their Field-Dependent Identity Investments from Devaluing Marketplace Myths." Conclusion: everyone hates "hipsters" even though they shop at Urban Outfitters, too.

Their finding:

Our findings suggest how backlash against identity categories such as hipster or metrosexual could generate complex and nuanced identity strategies that enable consumers to retain their tastes and interests while protecting these tastes from trivializing mythologies

In other words, "hipster" is the "I'm rubber, you're glue" of social identities. The paper continues:

All participants but one wanted to talk about how they were mistaken for, or accused of being a hipster just because they were consuming indie products.

What did the one say? "I am proud to be a hipster American"? Anyway, don't name your ironic tchotke store Hipster Mart, and you'll be fine. [ScienceDaily, JeffWise, image via LATFH]