Anna Chapman's sexy boudoir photo shoot for a Russian men's magazine was only the beginning. The flame-haired spy who stole our hearts has an "Anna cult" that follows her everywhere. Locals are composings hymns to celebrate her!

Worry not, Americans: Ours is not the only nation that lionizes anyone in the news who happens to have a nice rack. Der Spiegel sent reporter Matthias Schepp to hang out with Anna in Moscow. In a "tight-fitting dress," she murmured how she must wear sunglasses and a hat in public, lest her adoring fans overwhelm her. Schepp says the cult of Anna is a boon to Russian nationalism:

Chapman has become a fetish for a resentful nation, embodying most Russians' deep dislike of the United States. Most of all, the Anna cult helps to gloss over the severely battered reputation of Russia's intelligence agencies, which are infected by the same ailments afflicting the entire country: nepotism, corruption and greed.

She also helps people channel their rage against America:

The local [Volgograd] newspaper is sponsoring a contest for the most beautiful song written for Anna. The lyrics of the frontrunner are: "America is spying on everyone, and its enemies cannot sleep in peace. They're looking for bin Laden, but what does our girl have to do with it? Hands off our Anna."

Their come-hither heroine is having trouble capitalizing on her fame, though. "My website will be up and running soon," she assures Schepp. "The contact information for my PR people will be listed there." She's on the verge of something, she's just not sure what, and I have to say, I'm disappointed with Russian reality TV producers for dragging their feet on this. Throw her into a trashy beach house, turn on the cameras, and get to it, already. [Spiegel, image from Anna's boudoir video]


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