Two asteroids are due to pass between the Earth and the orbit of the moon sometime today, but don't worry, we're (probably) not all going to die: "Neither of these objects has a chance of hitting Earth," says NASA.

The asteroids are due to pass by about 11 hours apart, and should be visible using "moderate-sized amateur telescopes," NASA said in a statement. One of the asteroids is thought to be between 33 and 65 feet wide, while the other is between 20 and 46 feet wide. Pretty harmless! And even though NASA says these two asteroids aren't going to destroy life on Earth as we know it, the agency has warned that a Planetary Defense Coordination Office needs to be established to prevent asteroids from destroying us in the future.

In the meantime, here is a not-very-exciting NASA asteroid tracker, which follows the asteroids from January up until today:

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