Girls Gone Wild impresario Joe Francis is going to court over his former employee's new tell-all. But the book's publisher just came back with a motion calling Francis the "Douche of the Decade." (Sound familiar?) We've got the whole thing.

Earlier this year, Francis filed a motion attempting to block the sale of former employee Ryan Simkin's book FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild, a tell-all memoir about... well, about Simkin's five years on the road with one of the scummiest businesses on the planet.

The book's publisher, 4th Street Media, is calling Francis' bluff, with a fiery new motion to quash his complaint. We've got a copy that you can page through below—the introduction and the section "Statement of Facts" serve as an excellent primer on Francis' sleazy douchebaggery.

Here's one of our favorite parts—the opening paragraph, which lists some of the many delightful things Francis has been called, from "sleazehole" to "sleaze-peddler," to, of course, "Douche of the Decade," the honor Gawker and its readers bestowed on Francis late last year:

Francis, as befitting a douche of his magnitude, is fond of issuing legal threats. He tried it with us, though we were too distracted by the shirtless picture he bizarrely attached to his threat to pay any attention. (We did, eventually, apologize for calling him a "rapist" since he is only an "alleged rapist.") Here's the rest of the motion: