Federal prosecutors have charged the ex-soldier who took three hostages at a Georgia military hospital yesterday with kidnapping, armed assault, and making threats to kill Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

The AP reports that Robert Anthony Quinones—the 29-year-old Army veteran who led a two-hour standoff seeking psychiatric treatment—told investigators he "had studied Secret Service protocols, sniper techniques and ways to disguise himself and conceal weapons" and that he would kill Obama and Clinton if he had the chance.

FBI and Secret Service agents also raided Quinones' home, where an court-filed affidavit says they found "at least 15 guns, including high-powered rifles with scopes, as well as books and DVDs on Secret Service protocols, Israeli sniper techniques, Osama Bin Laden and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh."

A Fort Stewart commander told the AP he'd "seen nothing to indicate the former soldier had previously sought treatment at the Fort Stewart hospital."

[Pic via Flickr]