Two interesting Saturday Night Live news bits came over the wires today. Well, one of them is a rumor. What's fact is that Amy Poehler will be hosting the season premiere on the 25th. The rumor? No more Jenny Slate.

Update: Seems it's a rumor no longer. Slate is out.

That's what Deadline is whispering about today. There's a bunch of cast shuffling going on — with Will Forte leaving and at least three new cast members joining — and Deadline hears that Slate, a Brooklyn comedian and shell-related genius, might be lost in said shuffle. Which would be a shame. She does a good Hoda (not as good as Michaela Watkins, but still) and there's that doorbell/car horn lady who's funny. Plus, she's only had a year! Certain performers take a couple of years on the show to get going (Amy Poehler was one of them), and it seems foolish to cut someone after so little time. Yeah, yeah, she had that big opening-night fuck-up, but everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully Deadline is wrong and Slate will be, uh, on the slate in three weeks.

Oh, and, cannot wait for Poehler.