Ellie Scarborough is making a comeback! Which is weird, because she only became famous last week. Chuck Scarborough's daughter and founder of PinkKisses.com—providing "empowering" merchandise to pathetic females post-breakup—just got a second puff piece in the Daily News.

Two newspaper puff pieces featuring hot pink party dresses in a single week? Did Ellie just out-fameball Julia Allison?

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Whereas last week's NYDN article showed the entrepreneurial newsroom heiress with her hands on her hips, "empowering" single women with affirmations like, "Girrrrrrrl, u don't take sh#@ from anybody. U are fab-u-lous," the new article shows Ellie peering over her shoulder, explaining how her famous father saved her "from rock bottom" after a bad breakup.

We are very close and the hardest thing for him was seeing me so upset," recalls his 30-year-old daughter. "His instinct was to step in and comfort me."

But it was Chuck's words of advice that motivated Ellie to stop feeling sorry for herself. "He told me to move on and that next time I'd do better!"

Harrowing. But didn't we learn last week that Ellie saved herself, and that's why she's supposed to be a shining beacon to lonely cat ladies willing to spend hundreds of dollars on "better-than-sex truffles"?

We emailed Ellie and NYDN reporter Jane Ridley to ask. No answer yet, but we will keep you updated on this most vital story as it breaks. [NYDN]

Update: Ellie Scarborough writes in. She didn't know about the second article, and is surprisingly reasonable for someone whose email signature includes the phrase "Queen Bee."

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for your email. To answer your question, we gave the NYDN one phone interview back in July, and honestly, that's it. Actually, we found out the piece ran when we noticed a spike in our page views and tracked it back to the article, and we didn't know the piece was running a second time until we saw it online this weekend with a different headline.

I want to thank you for finally reaching out to me for comment. If you have specific questions about Pink Kisses, I'm happy to answer them if you'll be so kind as to send them over in writing. There really is more to our company than you've been reporting, and I'd be happy to give you more detail.

All the best,

ellie scarborough
founder & queen bee

[redacted] | pinkkisses.com
...because moving on is the best revenge

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