Former Daily Beast writer and world-class plagiarist Gerald Posner is being sued by Frank Owen, an author whose book Clubland was plagiarized by Posner. We have selections from Owen's complaint, filed in New York district court this morning, below.

Owen alleges in his suit that Posner ripped off significant portions of Clubland for his book Miami Babylon. This has already been pretty well established. But it's amusing to see Owen get a little saucy in his complaint:

Owen's suit contains numerous side-by-side displays of his work (right side) and Posner's (left side), i.e.:

Those comparisons go on for pages and pages, much like Posner's own plagiarism! Owen's seeking "actual damages and profits or statutory damages," attorney's fees, and an injunction so that Posner's publisher, Simon & Schuster, can't sell his book any more. Looks like he has a strong case. Except for one embarrassing inclusion.