The world's most famous shrinking violet retreats to a secret lair of luxury. Hulk Hogan is rushed to the hospital. Police admit Paris Hilton was "treated differently" in jail. The stars of Tuesday gossip are not like you and me.

  • Elin Nordegren is building a network of Tiger-free homes in two continents: This report says she's looking for a place in southern Florida, and this one says she's renovating a $2.3 million "paparazzi-proof mansion" on a secluded island in Sweden. It has "three small guesthouses," a private beach, and a private harbor. The only way to get there is a two-hour ferry or hydrocopter ride, both of which sound kind of fun? Elin also owns a $2 million penthouse in Stockholm and her mother lives in a literal castle. [DailyBeast, Radar, image via Splash]
  • Snooki's ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella sold a video of them making out in the vicinity of a "mirror with white powder on it." Snooki's ex-boyfriends should start their own reality show, a competition for selling out the ones you love. [Radar]
  • Following her arrest for cocaine possession, Paris Hilton fled the continental United States for Hawaii, where she donned a leopard-print monokini of mourning for her first "candid" paparazzi shots since the arrest yesterday. Cy Waits—the boyfriend who lost his job for his incriminating role in the drug bust—took his shirt off and posed for the cameras, too. [TMZ]
  • Meanwhile, the Las Vegas jail where Paris stayed for three hours admits "she was treated differently": "To put Paris Hilton in an open dorm area with male inmates and female inmates would shut down my process," said the deputy police chief. Jail bunks are co-ed in Las Vegas? Paris stayed in isolation, instead. [People]
  • Oh, gross. Pictures of Jesse James and Kat Von D sucking face. [People]
  • Nicole Richie threw a birthday party for son Sparrow's first year. Ellen Pompeo came with her daughter Stella Luna. It's like they got their kids' names off wrappers for organic granola bars. [People]
  • 90210 actress Anna Lynne McCord got in a phone accident and then tried to "deny responsibility," so her self-proclaimed victim posted her phone number on Facebook. "Feel free to call her and let her know what a deadbeat she is." Celebrities aren't the only ones who can tweet phone numbers! Unfortunately, they're the only ones with enough followers that it actually matters. Anna Lynne's e-attacker only had 361 friends, anyway. [TMZ]
  • Oksana Grigorieva now wants Mel Gibson to pay for her PR. The bill is $84,000. She still claims she didn't release the phone recordings, which would mean the $84,000 was just for public statements? [TMZ]
  • Tween worlds collide: Miley Cyrus and Twilight's Ashley Greene went clubing together in Paris. Miley wore a see-through shirt and made weird shapes with her hands while she danced. Ashley wore a ponytail and tweeted that she "Love, Love, Love Paris." [Us]
  • Hilary Duff's wedding issue of OK! apparently sold so poorly that the magazine is trying to weasel out of the $1 million they said they'd pay her. [P6]
  • Hulk Hogan was hospitalized yesterday for "excruciating back pain," and filmed a video of himself languishing in bed, with I.V. tubes in his elbow. This shit is straight out of The Wrestler. [TMZ, TwitVid]

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  • On the anniversary of her dog's death to wild coyotes, Jessica Simpson tweeted a memorial to Daisy Mae. Do celebrities even know how to express emotions without broadcasting them to thousands of fans? [Us]