The tony New York suburb of Rye has been dealing with two separate coyote attacks this weekend. Today, trappers tracked down and killed the coyote thought to be responsible—but not before it bit its pup's head off.

Last night at around 7pm, a coyote lunged at a teen boy; an hour later, a coyote attacked a 2-year-old girl playing in the driveway with her dad, biting her leg. This morning a couple of trappers gave chase, as described by

"I followed the coyote, then it lunged at me," trapper Jim Horton said. "I hit, it flipped over, then it lunged at me again. Then I just chased it through the woods for 45 minutes."

At one point, the female coyote's pup showed up and, Horton said, "The mother started chewing on its head. She beheaded her pup and was eating the head."

The trappers then shot the coyote. This comes just a few weeks after a coyote mauled a 6- and 3-year-old in Rye. Jesus, it's like a Cormac McCarthy novel up there.

[Picture of a Rye coyote captured last month via Gothamist]