Last April, two women were arrested after they tried to board a plane in Liverpool bound for Berlin with a dead man in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses. Charges have been dropped because authorities could not prove the time of death.

The dead man, 91-year-old Kurt Willi Jarant, was due to board a plane with his wife and daughter when airport officials decided they should check his pulse. The pair say they thought Jarant was asleep (?!). A Lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service told Sky News:

Having carefully reviewed a file of evidence presented to me by police, I have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to bring any charges in relation to the death of Kurt Willi Jarrant."

Jarant was a German national, so perhaps they knew he was dead and were trying to save some cash by flying him economy back to Germany? Shipping bodies is expensive.

(Thanks to boobookitteh for the tip, and for reminding me that I need to watch Weekend At Bernie's asap)